Staff Picks

Me Before youJoJo Moyes is a great  story teller.  Meet Will and his caregiver, Lou, as they find new meaning to their lives within the next six months. As their relationship unfolds and true love forms many questions are asked. This story will stay with you and leave you wondering why? Great book club choice.





Tell the Wolves I'm Home June: A 14 year old girl who wishes she lived in midevil times.

Finn: Junes uncle and best friend who dies too young of Aids.

Toby: Finns companion who friends June.

A true coming of age novel. Characters are flawed and sympathetic. I love how this book evolves with tender hearts and forgivness.




This is Where I Leave YouI Loved this book! Although Judd is in the midst of a divorce and in the process of sitting Shiva with his astranged family you will find time to laugh out loud. Family dynamics and a few surprises will keep the pages turning.




Orphan Train

 Vivian 91 an Molly 17 have years between them but their lives have much in common. The novel brings to life the story of what many believe was the beginning of our country's foster care program. Between the years 1853-1929 approx. 30,000 children were transported by train from overcrowded cities in the east, across the country where they were placed in homes for foster care or adoption. Though many started new and happy lives, there were many who continued to face sadness and abuse.



AlexIf you are going to read one thriller this year.....Alex should be your choice. This psychological rollercoaster ride will keep you on the edge of your seat. Twists and turns will have you perplexed until the end.





Defending JacobWhat is your moral obligation as a parent? Should you ever stop believing in your child? Do you defend him because "I'm his father I owe him that".? As a mother what would you do? You probably will never need to answer these questions, but just suppose......would you have the answers? A good read with a surprise ending.




Art ForgerBy the endof this book you'll want to visit the real Gardner Museum in Boston. Great character development, mystery and love. You'll learn alot about art forgery. Great for historical fiction readers.





Silent WifeFor those who read Gone Girl......Silent Wife is a must read. The author has written an intriguing novel with a very interesting ending.




The ChaperoneFive weeks and two lives are changed forever.....Though The Chaperone's storyline is based on the early and famous actress Louise Brooks, the author's historical fiction novel is really about Cora, the chaperone. Enjoyable and worthwhile read.





 Girl You Left BehindWho is the girl you left behind? One hundred years after her death her story is told as a battle begins over the true owner of the portrait. This historical and modern novel is a must read.





100 SummersThe epitome of a 'great summer read'!! I love the setting.....1930.....Seaview Rhode Island....The beach...Gin &





Light Between OceansMany love the child. She really just belongs to one. A story to tug at your heart. You know what the moral answer is, but you can't help  want to believe the heart felt reason was the right choice.





SisterEvery once in a while you find a novel that keeps you intrigued from page 1. Twists and turns in the story will make you think you know the ending but you won't. You will know that sisters are forever....even in death.





Still AliceWe all have times of absent-mindedness, but when Alice can't remember how to get home her doctor diagnosis her with early onset Alzheimers. Beautifully written. Lisa Genova did some fabulous research about this devistating disease. It's a story you won't be able to put down.




Presidents ClubThere were times less than six members, and in 1972 there were none. Qualification to join- must be a former president. They did not always agree or like each other. An assassination brought them closer. All were aware a wrong decision could change history. They met quietly and sometimes behind closed doors. As Americans we know what happened when each president presided, but not always what was prevented. These members are the jurors who will pronounce a verdict because they have not heard all the evidence. A four star read.



Six YearsHarlan Coben is one of our favorite suspense authors. He never disappoints. His novels always capture you from the first page and keep you in suspense until the last. Six Years is a story of lost love that should have remained lost. If you have never read a Coben novel, it's time. You will become a fan.




Friend of the FamilyPete is living the American Dream with a thriving medical practice in NJ and a loving wife. Pete's life begins to spin out of control when he harshly judges the decision his son Alec makes to fall in love with the 'girl next door'. (She has a dark past). 





Invisible BridgeIt's hard to believe that this is Julie's first novel. Rich in history, you will become involved with her characters and maybe even forget they are fictional. Take time for this 800 page book. It is well worth the read. It may be about the Holocaust but there are stories of love, dreams and hope.




Little BeeThouht provokinig with rich character development. How will Little Bee escape the 'bad men'. How does she deal with 'batman'? How does she fit in this world as a 16 year old Nigerian. Suspense will keep you going. Little Bee's story will have you talking.





The RoadA haunting tale of survival in a devistated future. The sustaining power of love between father and son makes this an unforgettable book. Written in poetic prose it's one of my favorites.





Sarah's KeyThe French side of the holocaust. A story you won't soon forget. With images of today and past there is a story of present and past. Great choice for book clubs.






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